Jetson TX1 remote cross-compiling


To use this PC as a host to write CUDA code to be executed on the Jetson TX1 (target).

  • PC’s OS : Windows10 (64bit)
  • PC’s GPU : Not nvidia
  • PC and JetsonTX1 are connected to the same network.

Is it possible to remote development mode in windows environment?

If possible, what else do I need to install after installing the cuda toolkit?

It is nvcc which does the compile (this is NVIDIA’s CUDA-aware version of compiler analogous to the gcc compiler on Linux or Visual C on Windows).

I don’t believe this will be possible. nvcc would have to run on x86_64 Windows and produce Linux arm64. The version which is distributed with Jetsons (via JetPack) runs on Linux x86_64, not Windows. I’ve never heard of a CUDA-aware compiler running on Windows and producing Linux output…and definitely not one producing Linux output for arm64. Perhaps it is possible, but I’d place the odds at less than that of a coin toss landing on the edge of the coin.