Jetson TX1 SDMMC3

Can anyone confirm if the SDIO_CLK/CMD/D0/D1/D2/D3 (SDMMC3) port supports 3.3V logic like the SDCARD (SDMMC1) port? Some of the documentation indicates it is 1.8V only.

Indicating SDMMC3 is 3.3V/1.8V
	TX1 TRM (v1.0p): Chapter 32:  Introduction notes that SDMMC1/SDMMC3 are for use with 3.3V/1.8V IO.
	TX1 Datasheet (V0.91): Chapter 3: Table 7:	Indicates SDIO and SDCARD controllers both support 3.3/1.8V

Indicating SDMMC3 is 1.8V
	TX1 Datasheet (V0.91): Chapter 4.5: Table 28: Indicates SDIO port is a CMOS-1.8V.  SDCARD is CMOS-3.3V/1.8V
	TX1 OEM Product Design Guide (not listed on the download center anymore): Chapter 8: Table 53: SDIO controller is CMOS-1.8V

Any detail that I missed that would prevent an SD card from being used on both SDMMC1 and SDMMC2 at the same time?


Please follow OEM Design Guide, SDMMC3 only supports 1.8V on TX1 dev kit.

The dev kit refers to the TX1 Module? Not the dev board?

Dev kit include module and carrier board.