jetson tx1 sound card state failed

hello everyone!

I have a new Jetson tx1 developer Kit, when I use it I found that, in the poweroff self_detection, it display " starting restored sound card state [fail]" .

So can someone help me, why this happen, or anybody have met the same situation?


Sound card state can only be restored from a saved file if you have previously saved sound card settings (it is normal to see that message if sound was not configured).


thanks very much for your reply. Can I ask you for two more questions? so,

1 Does that have matter with hardware? The TX1 I2S audio port is left unconnected on a 2x20 2.54mm pitch

2 If that doesn’t have matter with hardware, as you mean I must prepare a “saved file”? NV not prepared? it’s a new TX1 Kit so I don’t understand.

I am a new starter in linux, so thanks for your patient.

Sound mixer settings depend on connected audio devices. The Jetson itself does not ship with any devices (capabilities do not count as devices), so it is not possible for nVidia to save a default preference not knowing what the device is. HDMI could have a pair of stereo speakers, but not all HDMI monitors have sound, and when they do, they may support different bit rates…so they can’t assume settings even for that.

No hardware issue exists, that message is just part of the logic that shows when the system boots up and tries to find a configuration file and the file is missing; the system does not care that the file is associated with devices which have never been connected, the standard file finding mechanism simply reports it didn’t find the file without caring about the reason. Even if you have devices connected there will be no saved file unless you’ve manually saved mixer settings.

Hi, linuxdev!

Ok, I’ve got it. Thanks for you patient, you are so kind.

Thanks very much!