Jetson TX1 usb and ethernet does not work

I power the jetson tx1 everything seems to work normally. USB port and ethernet port are working for the first 10 seconds. But later the ethernet port and usb port stop working. Therefore, I cannot log in because I cannot use the Keyboard. I cannot using SSH.
Has anyone had a similar problem before?

hdmi works smoothly.

The power supply I use is as follows:
19.5V 6.15A

You’ll need to get a boot log up until failure, which you can do with a serial console. See:

Unfortunately, since it locks you out so quickly, there probably isn’t another means of getting the log. Even if there were another means of doing so serial console would still be the method of choice since it can log the boot and since serial console logs even during bootloader stages prior to the Linux kernel ever loading.

One test you might try, which would be simple, is to see if it still fails if nothing is plugged in to USB during boot…if you plug in USB after boot results may change. Or if you unplug and replug USB after the failure. Having ssh fail though tends to say the only way you will get required information is via serial console.

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thank you for the information. I will share the results here after trying.