Jetson TX1 with no screen at first boot

Hi ,

I am a new developer of TX1. I got some problem with booting.
I can’t type in any command by serial port .
Here is a file which I get log from serial port .[ ]

I changed kinds of monitors but not working.
What should I do for this problem?

Thank you!

The kernel is loaded and Linux starts normally. It reaches the serial console bash prompt without issue.

I suppose it might be possible for your user on the host machine to have read-only access to the device special file…otherwise it looks like serial console is working. Can you describe more about what device special file is used (e.g., “/dev/ttyS0” or “/dev/ttyUSB0”), the permissions on that file, whether the user has access to write to that file, so on (possibly a non-root user would need to be added to a supplemental group like “dialout” to write to that file…sudo would also do the job)?

If the host is a VM then there may be other setup issues to get the serial port to work.