Jetson TX1 with XTpower


I am trying to run my jetson TX1 with XTpower back which can supply 45W at 12V.

When I connect the battery to the jetson nothing happen? I am not sure why is that.

It should work. A number of people have reported that connectors which seem to fit don’t really fit. To illustrate this take a look at the connectors here:

Notice that all of the connectors are listed as 2.5x5.5mm, so seemingly all should work with the Jetson. However, there is a selection column for “actual diameter”…either 2.10mm or 2.5mm ID. There may not be a solid connection for both IDs, and unless your barrel connector supplier lists actual inner diameter, you might not be getting a valid connector for a Jetson.

Initial current spikes seem to be critical at the moment of pressing the power button. To some extent this may be related to the connector inner diameter fitting correctly, but on some power supplies people have increased reliability by placing a large capacitor at the connector.

I do have the right connector because I was using Lipo battery and it was working fine. Maybe when I use capacitor will make it work because I can’t see the spikes.

Thank you

Hi linuxdev,

I install a capacitor (4700micro F) and the board works fine.

Thank you