Jetson TX1 Won't boot into GUI

I am using a HDMI to VGA adapter.

I was able to boot into Ubuntu on my Jetson TX1 fine then I started installing all of the jetpack files.

Everything seemed to install fine except for OpenCV.

I rebooted it and now I cannot boot into the GUI.

I get the error message that light display manager has failed to start.

Please help.

Is there any was to restore it and start all over again?

The EDID wire is required for auto configuration. VGA does not have this. There is a steep learning curve to manually creating modelines and X configuration, but it can be done if you have detailed information and a lot of time and patience. Otherwise a mode which works is just from getting lucky (something may have set a working mode by luck, and the VGA could inherit this).

I’ll try switching out the monitors then. Thanks.

So I tried switching monitors so that I could do a HDMI to HDMI connection, and I am still getting the Failed to start Light Display manager error.

I am still unable to boot into the GUI. Any further help would be appreciated.

HDMI is hot plug, so you may test if unplugging and re-plugging gets things working, or if not having the monitor connected during boot, and then connecting after boot helps (think of it as debug steps, not as a solution).

Do you have ssh or serial console access? Chances are good you can ssh in and see if the drivers are correct:

sha1sum -c /etc/nv_tegra_release

Should you be able to get in, see if the “edid” file has content (and post the content if you can…this is the data the EDID wire mentioned above provides):
sudo -s

cat `find /sys -name edid`