JETSON TX1's storage

Hello!I have refreshed the system of my JETSON TX1,but there is a question that JETSON TX1’s 14.7G storage is not enough. ubuntu+CUDA is about 10G,OpenCV is more than 3G,and I need to install the lib of camera and IDE.Did you ever face this problem?How to deal with it?Should I extend the storage with SD or hard disk?If extending the storage,how to install software in SD or hard disk?Or should I use cross compiling?

Before installing extra packages I think Ubuntu itself is about 2 to 3GB. If you installed source code for various projects, then this could conceivably take a lot of space.

If I were to extend the question of SD versus SATA would depend on weight and power drain requirements. If those are of concern, you probably want SD card; if not, then you’ll get the best storage and performance from SATA.

Btw, what does “df -H /” show?

Sorry,I don’t know what you mean—what does “df -H /” show?
Yes,Ubuntu itself is about 2 to 3GB.But CUDA is about 6 to 7GB.Didn’t you ever face the problem of storage?
Btw,Can you tell me whether you use cross compiling or compile directly on JETSON TX1?

I try hard to use only native compile for user space on the TX1. For kernel it is cross-compile. In cases where I dabble with cross-compile in user space I try to use loopback mounted clone images instead of the sysroot supplied with Linaro.

I just wondered what space showed up as when you run “df -H /”…sometimes the root partition could actually be larger…people sometimes flash and don’t realize the default flash does not use it all.

If I were building software and the unit were not mounted on a vehicle or sensitive to needing low-power/low-weight I’d stick to an ordinary hard drive. I have at times actually used iSCSI to mount drive space on my host as if it were a native SCSI drive on the Jetson (which is very fast), but there is a learning curve involved with that.

Hi Ason93, I facing the same issue with you as my TX1 is already used 95% of the storage. Do you have any idea to solve this issue?

Just an interesting way to explore current file system use…a bit heavy on its own file system install size (about 56MB)…but fun to use when figuring out space issues:

sudo apt-get install filelight
sudo filelight

Note that often it is software in “/usr/local” taking up much space due to optional software added there. This is a candidate for mounting an SD card there to avoid root partition filling (a SATA drive is faster, an SD card is smaller, lighter, and lower power consumption).

Hi Ason93, I’ve manage to solve the storage issue. Please refer to the post below to set the SATA Drive as Root Directory.

I have used 250GB SSD as my SATA drive as root directory and now I can install everything on my TX1.