Jetson tx2-4g R32.3.1 How to get answers when no one is answering a thread

So I have topics that no one is answering anymore what can I do to get help?


Duplicated with Jetson tx2-4g r32.3.1 Missing Target Components

Please be patient to wait for our suggestions.

if you could break it up, I could remove the cuda source during the procedure, if you put /usr/share and /usr/local on a diet, I might have enough disk space.

I need nvbuf_utils.h which was said to be in Multimedia api, so how about a sudo apt-get install multimedia-dev


some topics have not been touched for a week? How long do I need to wait?


Thanks for your patience.
Please check the latest comment in Jetson tx2-4g r32.3.1 Missing Target Components.