Jetson TX2 4GB module booting issue

I am using Jetson TX2 4GB and TX2 8GB module. Carrier board for TX2 has been designed here with the reference of P2597.
With TX2 8GB, I didn’t face any problem till now. But with 4GB module I am facing one issue as explained below:
→ Once I power off (12V off) the carrier board and again power ON it after approx 1 minute or even more, TX2 4GB module does not boot automatically. In this case I have to toggle the CHARGER_PRSNT# pin from low to high and then high to low. After this it start booting.

→ Also in the above scenario, I found that RESET_OUT# pin remains low until I toggle the CHARGER_PRSNT# pin.

Can you please tell why this is happening in 4GB module and not in 8GB module? Is there any difference in the 8GB and 4GB module internal electronics?

The PMIC of 4GB module is different, please refer to below topic for more info.