Jetson TX2 4GB USB can not work

Hello, I have just got a TX2 4GB model ,after flash jetpack 4.6.4, the usb port didn’t work, seems no power for the mouse and keyboard.
I see someone in the old version jetpack change the dtb file and reflash solved this problem. I want to know how to change the dtb file. mine is P3489,should I change the command in the file “tegra186-quill-p3489-0888-a00-00-base.dtb”
looking forward to your reply.

There is no hurry to change anything in device tree. It could be wrong direction.

The actual question here is are you using devkit or other custom board or you don’t know what is the meaning of my question?

yes, what I use is a custom board. but I don’t know the model and manufacture of the board, because it’s a second hand product. so I only can try to change the device tree to make it work.
before I flash the jetpack, it’s usable, but it needs a password,so I can not login in. Then I flash the jetpack 4.6.4.


Then you need to try to find a manufacture info.

Device tree needs to match the hardware. If such info is not provided, then it won’t be able to change anything precisely…

Default jetpack will only work with devkit.

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