Jetson TX2 8GB VS 4GB Power Down


We have been using a custom carrier board with a TX2 Module configured for auto power on. Recently we switched over to a TX2 4GB module and we have run into an issue during a module power cycle.

We wait one second after we see the Carrier board power on signal fall to O volts before pulling power from the VIN pins.
We then wait two seconds once we disable the VIN power supply then we turn the supply back on to complete the restart.

This sequence works every time with the 8GB module, but the Jetson 4GB does not come back once we reapply power. We have to wait 4 seconds from pulling power to reapplying power to consistently get a proper boot up from the 4GB module. It appears the PMIC isn’t fully turning off (measuring the OTG ID pin)

My questions
1.) Is there a proper way / official timing in terms of a reboot or is this outside of the normal Jetson use case scenario ( Pulling VIN and applying VIN in a sub 4 second time window)
2.) Are we suppose to turn the PMIC off in software or by pulling on a pin?


Hi, the PMIC is different and the discharging time is different.

Can you share the input power schematics?


Thanks for the quick reply! I apologize I got wrapped up in an urgent matter the last few work days.

I cannot share the schematic fully but here is what I can share of the design in the form of a block diagram
201014 VCB Jetson TX2 8GB Power seqeunce.docx (239.8 KB)

Do you have guidelines I can implement to ensure a proper reset?
Perhaps driving a pin low or monitoring the voltage on a pin connected to the PMIC?


Edit: I located this thread Is this still true?
Does the TX2 4GB not support software shutdown?

We are checking internally. TX2 4GB does not support sw shutdown.

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I was wondering if you happened to have any updates regarding this issue



I was wondering if you have had a chance to investigate this issue.


The checking is ongoing, will update once available.