Jetson TX2 adc connection

I need to get ADC values of voltage and current using jetson TX2. As there is no ADC pins in the GPIO Header(J21) of Jetson TX2,I am not able to connect my adc pins directly.Please suggest the best way to connect 3 ADC pins with Jetson TX2 via GPIO header.

hello jayasreejayaraj97,

could you please use HDMI?
please also refer to below forum topic for reference,

I need minimum of 5 Adc out,So is it possible to connect MCP3008(ADC chip) with Jetson Tx2 Header through SPI interface?Can you please suggest best Analog to digital converter having 8 channels which i can get 5 adc out using jetson TX2

There is no ADC pin on TX2. Customer can use external ADC chip for that. In that situation, for TX2, it is just a standard interface. We don’t have such suggested converter, if it is SPI port, you can refer to OEM DG and datasheet of TX2 to check if its SPI fit the request.