Jetson TX2 + Aetina N510 - CUDA 10.0


I am putting together an embedded visioning system using the JetsonTX2.
As part of this system is a stereo pair of USB 3.0 cameras, I resorted to the Aetina N510 carrier board for extra ports.
To be able to update the kernel and have access to these new ports I used the patch given by Aetina, and flashed the OS with it.
I followed the steps on this github:

The problem is, one of the requirements is Jetpack 3.1 , and with it comes CUDA 8.0.
My original idea was to simply download the newest Jetpack4.3 and install CUDA 10.0 directly on the device, however, upon doing some research on this forum I came across the following statement:

“CUDA releases from different JetPack releases are incompatible with each other. CUDA and installed o/s must be from the same release.”

So I now understand why my attempts failed, and so I ask… is there a work around this?
Should I always use the Jetpack 4.3 to install CUDA 10 and its dependencies or is it doable directly on the device?
If I install ubuntu 16.04 from Jetpack3.1 and then proceed to update it to ubuntu18.04, would this work as the same OS version installed from Jetpack 4.3 and consequently allow me to install CUDA 10?

Thanks in advance!

That’s correct, CUDA and installed o/s must be from the same JetPack release.

That can’t work due to low layer driver/library dependency.

You may need to contact with Aetina if they can provide the new patch for new JetPack release.

I did some more looking into the patches given by Aetina and found that the latest one relates to ubuntu 18.04 L4T 32.1.0.
From the Jetpack archives I figured the correct version i should install is Jetpack 4.2, am I correct on this regard?

If so this could fix the compatibility issues I’m having as 4.2 does have CUDA 10.0 and its dependencies.

Thank you for the quick response!