Jetson TX2 and nouveau driver

Good day.
Is there any way to use the nouveau driver?
Or it’s impossible.
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I’m not sure Nouveau is possible on the embedded system, but it might work. Have not actually tried. However, here is some information related to this:

On a desktop PC the driver is designed for use with PCI hardware (both Nouveau and NVIDIA drivers). On a Jetson the GPU is directly wired to the memory controller, and so I am guessing that Nouveau (like the PCI NVIDIA driver), would fail.

If for some reason you do get Nouveau to work, then you will lose all hardware acceleration use of the GPU. This includes both rendering and CUDA…everything would revert to CPU.

So I cannot claim to have tested this, but it is unlikely the Nouveau driver will work for non-PCI GPUs, and even if it did, this is unlikely to be what you want with a TX2 since you probably purchased this for CUDA and/or hardware accelerated rendering.

Thank you for answer.
I’m trying to build a kernel-based Linux system from the main branch, so I’m not interested in rendering hardware and CUDA.
I’m trapped at home (covid-19), so I think crazy thoughts may not always be crazy.

Good health and thank you.

You might be able to get this to work, but you would have to rewrite any Nouveau dependency upon PCI function to adapt it to direct memory controller attached hardware. Any place you see a PCI function you’ll need to convert to something else…and I have never done that, so I’m not sure how difficult it would be.