Hi all

I found this topic ( written by Trumany (Moderator) which says exactly what I need about auto-power-on on Jetson TX2 with the C02 board, however I really need help with some pictures about this procedure because I could not identify every step by reading it.

Have anyone done this procedure once before?

C02 board does not support Auto-Power-On function directly, it requires a few more changes to enable that:

  1. Install 0 Ohm, 0402 resistor at R313
    Asserts ACOK to allow Jetson TX2 or Jetson TX2 4GB to Auto-Power-On.
  2. Move R501, 10k, 0402, resistor to R287
    Enables the VDD_IN supply to the module connector as soon as the power is applied (disables hot-plug protection)
  3. Remove R383
    Disables the ON control from the pushbutton Micro-Controller
  4. Remove R384
    Removes the VDD_IN Bleeder resistor to keep this from consuming power during normal operation.
  5. Add wire across Q47 pin 2 and 3.
    Force Button Micro-Controller in Mobile PMIC Mode (allows Jetson TX2i to function as if it were in a P2597_B04 carrier
    board – will boot when power is attached without button press)


Hi, there is a assembling pdf file in C02 design files package (, you can find the components location by searching their P/N. And then do the change step by step.