Jetson TX2 battery supply problem

I read this article
try to use these devices to turn on the TX2.

However, TX2 failed to turn on, but the red light on TX2 came on. I knew that the TX2 developer kit runs on 9V to 19,and now the voltage is already 12V, I still cannot successfully turn on the TX2. I would like to ask what is the problem?

I used these devices:
the SmallRig NP-F Battery Adapter Plate(、Battery

and DC Power Cable

Hi p12115803156,

What’s your Jetpack version in use?
Is there any log output when you try to power up the board?

Could your board boot up as expected with the DC adapter?

One possible issue is just the quality of the regulation, which must be good. Try adding a large capacitor directly at the connector, and/or try heavier gauge wiring. For a capacitor, perhaps 2000 uF or more.

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