Jetson TX2 - Benchmarking tools used, results and environment?

Hi All,
I downloaded the new tegra release from:

And used the steps below to install the new downloaded package and flash new image to NVIDIA Jetson TX2 board.

I am planning to run benchmark tests for CPU, GPU, System Memory, Network, Storage, IO subsystem etc.

Are there any specific benchmark tools recommended to measure these above parameters?

1)For CPU, I am using Dhrystone, Whetstone, linpack, dd,
2)For Memory speed, using dd.
3)For GPU, planning to use GLMark2. Any pointers to GLMark2-esl to be used in NVIDIA board? Are there better 4)tools than GLMark to measure the GPU performance?
5)For Storage, we are going to use dd.
6)For Network(Ethernet and WiFi), planning to use iperf3, curl, wget.

To get better benchmark results, is it required to exclude any components from the new image I flashed to the board? We want to setup an environment where we could achieve the best benchmark results with the right set of tools.

Are benchmark results for Jetson TX2 available somewhere for us to verify if we had achieved the right results?

Please let know if you have any info.


HI MoBah,

Sorry that TX2 does not provide any official benchmark yet. Please take a look at the L4T Documentation for what you need.

I don’t think all your tools would work. For example, as I know there is some problem for GLMark2 because tegra has different kernel driver with x86-linux…