Jetson TX2 Bluetooth connection


I have been trying to use Bluetooth on the Jetson TX2. I would like to achieve a communication between my smartphone and the Jetson TX2 by Bluetooth. I saw that I have to use the UART4, wich has the WIFI/BT connection. I am not sure, so I would like to ask if I have to work with “/dev/ttyTHS3”.

To do that, I am using the MIT Inventor App and I think that I achieved to connect my smartphone with the board. I have coded a program in C to read the data send from my smartphone to the Jetson TX2. However, when I compile the code, the app closes and I have to reset the board. Does anybody know what could be the problem?

Thank you so much,
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There is no suggestion we can provide due to issue might at your code or app.