Jetson TX2 Build kernel and CAN fail.

I have built kernel with TX2 L4T 28.1, JetPack 3.1, use master version in Jetsonhacks’s github (

– In step, in Kernel Configure windows, I checked all option of CAN (CAN bus subsystem support and CAN Device Drivers, images: CAN_1.png and CAN_2.png), ACM and USB CP210x family of UART Bridge Controllers, SPI (SPI.png)

– Run, I have a problem, it seem build CAN driver error.
I dont know what i doing wrong.

But don’t check CAN (default option of Kernel Configure), i build Kernel successful but CAN does not active (terminal output in link below).

Could I do to use CAN in L4T 28.1. Thank you very much.

link images and terminal output when I run


Can you try to use kernel build commands(or l4t build commands) and check if the build is proper?

It is already verified with l4t and kernel build commands.
Let us know if you still find same build errors.

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