Jetson tx2 cannot flash jetpack on wsl

I have jetson tx2. I have trouble in flashing jetpack on tx2 from wls ubuntu.

After force recovery mode, ubuntu not recognize apx whereas host windows10 pc recognize apx as unknown device.

So how can I set up jetson? Or is there apx driver for windows PCs?

Machine spec detail
windows 10
wls ubuntu version : 16.04
set up jetpack version : 3.1

I don’t know if WLS is a VM or not, but native installs are what are supported (e.g., dual boot). VMs can be made to work at times, but there are usually issues. Ubuntu must be given ownership of that device and the host cannot interfere…else a flash will fail.

The “driver package” is Linux only. Technically the driver package doesn’t care if the host is a VM, but requirements on the behavior of the USB get in the way when a VM isn’t really given complete ownership of the port.

Sorry, I made a miss type. No WLS. I would like to write is WSL(Windows subsystem for linux. I don’t know whether ubuntu on WSL is native install or not.

I found that ubuntu on WSL can get usb connect from port number. But in my windows10, jetson in force recovery mode cannot recognize windows’s usb port.

Our company PCs control policy do not allow us to use native ubuntu freely. So I am intend to set up jetson by only windows 10 PC.

WSL is a VM environment, not native. This implies Windows will be in charge of first detecting and offering a USB device to a driver or to the VM instead. The process of making sure that this port is always going to the VM, and never gets interfered with via Windows when the device re-enumerates, is not necessarily an easy thing to guarantee.

Force recovery just turns the Jetson itself into a custom USB device. Devices never decide if they are recognized or not, only the host can do this. The driver which understands a recovery mode Jetson is the “driver package”…which can be run on command line Linux or JetPack can act as a front end to the driver package. The driver will recognize and see and use the Jetson as a device if and only if USB is passed through from Windows WSL into Ubuntu even when the USB is connecting, disconnecting, and reconnecting. It is common for a VM to work on original connect, and then have the host interfere when it tries to reconnect.

So if this is like any other VM, then you will have options for how USB identifies a port or device for always passing through to the VM. I have no idea what that might be, but unless it works this way, there is very little hope you will be able to flash unless using native Linux. There is no official support for VM use, but vmware and some others may actually work if you cannot get WSL to work. I have no doubt that setup of WSL differs from other VMs, but this might be of interest:

One thought to consider: A host to USB can recognize a physical port (a particular place to connect a cable), or it can recognize a device ID. If you can 100% link all activity for that port or for that device, then it might work. A regular TX2 (not TX2i) has manufacturer ID 0x0955 and device 0x7c18 (“0955:7c18”).