Jetson TX2 cannot flash v4.2 image using 4.6.4 SDK after flashing 4.6.4 image

Setup: I have a laptop with Ubuntu 18.06.4, Nvidia SDK L4T 4.6.4, and a Jetson TX2.

I have a cloned version of a development environment of my Jetson on L4T 4.2. I used to be able to flash it onto my Jetson and successfully go into the environment as expected. However, once I flashed a vanilla 4.6.4 image, I am unable to reflash my old 4.2 image back onto it (it keeps bootlooping/showing the Nvidia screen).

I am also trying to get the UART debug log but I do not have cables for it at this point.

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What do you mean with a cloned version of a development environment?
You mean like the system.img?
If the image is 4.2, and the bootloader stuff is 4.6.4, then it’s definitely not going to work.

Yes a system.img. I was creating backups of my environment by cloning my working environment using the steps outlined here:

And yes it seems that after I pulled down 4.2 sdk, I was able to successfully re-flash my old image.

Is there a way to apply patches for my older image from 4.2 to 4.6.4?

Please don’t mix them up.

What should I do if I have software pinned to 4.2 but new hardware requires a newer Jetpack because of the DRAM PCN changes with newer TX2 hardware.

I saw this link:

But I have not yet followed it because I’m not sure if they ever got it to work.

You should make sure if your PCN is 206400. If it is, then that forum link would make it work.

Is there any suggestions for PCN209140 as well?

Bumping this

For PCN209140, still suggest to use JetPAck 4.6.4 directly.

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