Jetson TX2 carrier board


i am starting the design of a carrier board for the TX2 SOM,
it will be based on the Carrier board that i bought from NVIDIA only smaller and i am planning to
remove all the interfaces i don’t need.

in all of NVIDIA’s files i haven’t seen a mention to the material itself of the PCB i.e FR4? dk=? tg=?
does anyone knows what those numbers are?
it will help much in reusing the files NVIDIA gives in the forums

also additional question - what is the EEPROM on the carrier used for?
would i need one on my carrier?
does it come burned or do i need to burn it beforehand?

thanks in advance



May I ask where do you see the “EEPROM” on carrier board?


it is U11 on the carrier, connected to the I2C_PM_CLK/DAT
this might just be the board ID - but i dont actually know that


That one should not be used. To boot up device, we only use EEPROM on TX2 module but not the one on carrier board.

thank you for your answer, do you happen to know what is it used for?