Jetson TX2 carrier boards & Software

Hey guys,

I came across a question about the following:

If someone chooses certain TX2 carrier board and denlooed a software based on it and decided later to change the carrier board either same brand but different size or different carrier board brand, is that possible?

In other words would the software that’s developed in first carrier board will work in any other carrier board? Or the software needs a complete redevelopment to match the new carrier board?

Thanks in advance

  • denlooed = downloaded

The device tree would need to change. User space software wouldn’t need to change. So long as drivers use the device tree to find hardware even the drivers would not need to change.

Do note that new major releases require new board support packages (the device tree is the main component of a BSP), and so you couldn’t change the o/s release version without developing a new BSP. The dev kit is what the default BSP covers, and third party boards may take time before they support a new o/s release.

I appreciate your great answer and as I also want to share with you that also someone have told me that if the hardware interfaces in the original carrier board used while programming the software remains the same with any other carrier board the function of software remains the same.