JETSON TX2 change default password to custme one

How to changed the default nvidia/nvidia ubuntu/ubuntu when becoming root for security reasons

when i do : sudo su

can the password change from nvidia to a custom password to prevent other users from becoming root ?

Hi 1xg2jb4hii,

After flash and first time boot up, in the setup page, you can set your username and password by yourself.
You can also go to System Settings → User Accounts to change user password.

can you do it afterward from the Linux terminal ?

Hi 1xg2jb4hii,

Yes, I can change root password success.
$ sudo passwd {userNameHere}

$ sudo passwd nvidia
Enter new UNIX password: 
Retype new UNIX password: 
passwd: password updated successfully

FYI, in earlier Linux installs there was the default of “ubuntu”/“ubuntu” or “nvidia”/“nvidia”. In the R32.x L4T releases this was no longer the case, and name/pass has to be created upon first boot. This was related to a new California law about default name/pass.

In all Linux, if you have an account capable of using sudo, the mechanism for changing is standard among the Ubuntu/L4T of a Jetson and all other Linux distributions. Any documents you find about changing passwords on Linux applies even to older installations. The example from @carolyuu is just the most common of methods.

A bit more advanced, but if you use the QEMU emulator (or perhaps other methods) on an Ubuntu 18.04 desktop PC with the flash software, then it is possible to add a new user with a custom password to the flash software before ever completing a flash.

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Thanks it works

thank you

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