jetson TX2 compat_ioctl or unlocked_ioctl did not work

i write driver like this ,it makes a ko,ican insmod the ko,i can open or release the driver, but unlocked_ioctl did not application ioctl(fd, int, NULL) return success,but unlocked_ioctl or compat_ioctl did not enter, is any question?
static struct file_operations mGpioCtrlfops =
.owner = THIS_MODULE,
.unlocked_ioctl = BSP_GpioCtrlIoctl,
//.compat_ioctl = BSP_GpioCtrlIoctl,
.write = BSP_GpioCtrlWrite,
.read = BSP_GpioCtrlRead,
.open = BSP_GpioCtrlOpen,
.release = BSP_GpioCtrlrelease,


There is NO issue with unlocked or compat ioctl.
Are you sure that you have implemented the ioctl properly?