Jetson TX2 compatible video cards

i’m new to NVIDIA development kits and im shopping for an industrial computer that’s compatible with Jetson TX2. I’m not sure where to find the compatibility of video cards! Where can i find this information?


Your question is confusing. A Jetson TX2 is a standalone computer. There are no video cards for it.

Furthermore, you don’t plug a jetson TX2 into an industrial computer. You connect to it usually by ethernet.

also, there is a Jetson TX2 forum. You may wish to ask your questions there.

This funny server consists of many Jetson cards[product-gallery]/0

One might ask why… Would you prefer to own an Elephant or a cluster array of mice?

However they offer a lot of industrial computers or carriers that can house the Tx2. Have a look at their brochure. Depending on the targeted application, a video output port may be included in the package.