Jetson TX2 Dev Board doesn't power on when using 12V battery

Hello all,

I want to power the jetson tx2 off of a battery so I purchased the following Li battery

When plugging it in to the board I get the red led to turn on as expected. However when I press the power on button the j2 led flashes for about a second and then the board does not finish powering on.

Does anyone have any idea as to why this might happen?


Hi, can’t see the maximum output current of it. You’d better to measure the input voltage on board to confirm the voltage drop of cable is acceptable and also check the voltage drop when pressing the onkey.

If it is just a need for momentary current delivery as the issue, and if your wires are low guage or long, then a large capacitor right at the barrel connector might do the trick.

Also, beware that not all barrel connectors marked as 5.5mm have the same actual inner diameter even if marked as 2.5mm. Examples: