Jetson TX2 (Developeent kit and/or Orbitty) USB as gadget direct Network connection


I’ve red that using << >> (I downloaded it) it’s possible to run usb0 as a gadget to open a direct network connection to a Mac.

I’ve run it, the gadget is seen by my Mac as RNDIS / Ethernet Gadget but, but it’s not working, no IP assigned as per ifconfig.

Here my question:

  • How can I assign a static IP to USB of my Jetson TX2 in order to connect with my manual IP on the Mac?

With “Raspbberry Pi Zero W” I use it with static IP.

Has it something to do with the Network Manager settings ?

Thanks a lot in advance for yor answers and help.

The setup for this is in “/opt/nvidia/l4t-usb-device-mode/”. The “net_” lines set up IP address, netmask, so on. I’ve never tried to customize it though.