Jetson tx2 developer kit boot failure

The power turned off while connecting the motor to the VCC and GND while using the jetson tx2 and checking the PWM. Then when I connected the power to the Jetson tx2, the CR5 did not light up and when I pressed the power button, the CR5 and CR6 lighted up. However, the CR6 went out after a few seconds and the CR1 and CR2 don’t have green lights. I tried to enter recovery mode but failed. Is there any way I can solve it myself?

A motor is probably beyond the capability of that bus as it was never intended for that kind of load (both in terms of how much load and in terms of being an inductive load). Someone else may know what to check, but it is likely the carrier board now has a defective component (it is likely the module itself is still working).

Please RMA this device. Guess something is broken…