Jetson TX2 developer kit clock frequency information for EMC

Hi, we are in the process of getting our final product FCC and UL certified. Our product uses P2771 designates the complete Jetson TX2 Developer Kit with P3310 (TX2) System on Module (SOM) connected to a P2597 carrier board. The devkit is reworked to support auto-start and we disable the WiFi in Firmware meaning “We will be completely removing the firmware image for the BCM4354 802.11 SoC. Without the firmware, the BCM4354 will not be able to operate it’s radios and transmit.” In addition to that, we are removing the antenna cables that come from the TX2 module. I would like to know the highest frequency in P2771 as it will help determine the scanning range for radiated emissions.

Do you mean the freq of core? It’s 2.0GHz as listed in module datasheet.

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