Jetson TX2 Developer Kit - Setup issues

Hi All,

I was unable to get my kit setup in my preferred configuration. I bought a new ssd drive which I would prefer to use as the main drive. The original kit came with ubuntu 32 bit version (this am not sure) but when I tried to install docker CE I got error message that I seemed not to have 64 bit machine.

I need help regarding how to upgrade the machine to 64-bit if truly I have 32-bit. Secondly, I do I make my newly installed SSD the main drive for the kit?

Also, where will I have access to comprehensive beginner tutorials on GPU and stuffs to do with them?

Thanks for your help.


What hardware are you using? A TX2 is 64-bit right from the start (though in compatibility mode it has 32-bit support…the TX1 initially shipped with 64-bit kernel space and 32-bit user space).

I am not sure where to check if it is in compaibility mode. Is there a way to reset it to factory default, then I can start the setup all over?


Normally it isn’t using compatibility mode…at least not with anything modern. It is a case of what libraries and support are installed, and whether the program being used links to those compatibility libraries. It is normally 64-bit…the question is if it wanted 64-bit x86_64, or 64-bit aarch64/arm64…what was the exact message, and what was the program causing this? Run “ldd /where/ever/that/program/is” and “file /where/ever/that/program/is” and see what the results say for program type and linking.