Jetson TX2 development kit won't boot up

I was working with the jetson tx2 yesterday when it turned itself off all of a sudden. Since then I’ve not been able to boot it up again. The only thing that happens is LED cr6 turns red and cr5 stays red. LEDs cr1 and cr2 won’t turn green anymore. Does anyone have any suggestions to boot up de tx2 or at least get my data back from the board?

may be you could try some other power adapter with similar paratemeters [ e.g. from a laptop could fit]

I have no way to know if it is the carrier board or the module with the fault, although it sounds like the carrier board. If that is the case, then the carrier board could be replaced. Unfortunately the dev carrier is not sold separately. Any carrier capable of flashing is also capable of cloning, and basically you’d do a clone/flash/restore. The module has to be flashed to work with different carrier boards, but the rootfs can be saved via clone (clone saves only rootfs, and it is the non-rootfs content which differs most between carriers).