Jetson TX2 Display Panel row wrap around


Also want to know

  1. Does this panel have its own FB inside?

  2. In your comment #1

we have developed a custom system based on a TX2 Jetson and some weeks ago switched to Jetpack 4.3.

It feels like it is a regression after jetpack4.3… Which release were you using? Did you see correct order in that release?


(1): no, its a FB-less controller. We use <TEGRA_DC_OUT_CONTINUOUS_MODE>.

(2) We always had this problem. We have used jetpack 3.2.1 before, and had the same effect. We also had an other display panel - same resolution, similar controller though- and had the same effect.

With Jetpack 4.5 the issue is still the same. Has anyone any idea how I can debug this further?