Jetson TX2 display using TTL RGB888 via connector FPC 50pin


I would like using TX2 display to panel via connector FPC 50 pin.

Is it necessary to using another chip to conversion signal or not?

I find something AD board which can be HDMI single convert to FPC 50 pin.

But these pin definition is not i need.

What should i do?

Thanks for any kind of help.

What’s your interface of FPC 50 pin panel? DSI, DP or other? Please check with your panel vendor first for which kind of IO the panel supports.

I think the problem is how to extract original video signal from video or camera and output those signals through GPIO on jetson tx2, while signals including red(8bits), green(8bits), blue(8bits), Vsync, Hsync, etc.


Yes, This is what i want to do.