Jetson TX2 does not start

Dear Mr./Mrs.,

I have a Jetson TX1 since 2015 or 2016 and we upgraded last April 2017 to the TX2 and have been using the TX2 since. Last week we got an issue with the TX2. When we put on power the light starts but we cannot start the TX2, when we turn it on nothing happens! I think there is something wrong with the board. I have the following questions:

  1. is this a problem of the board or the module?
  2. can I sent it for warranty?
  3. are the boards of the TX1 and TX2 interchangeable, in other words can I mount the module of the TX2 on the board of the TX1 without any problem, and do I than still have all the specifications of the TX2?

I bought the Jetson TX2 from Digital River Ireland, they directed me to NVIDIA support US tel: 0014084862000, NVIDIA support directed me to you on this forum.

Can you please help me.


I can’t answer all of your questions, but the RMA instructions are near the top of this (it sounds like you already know about this…someone reading this in the future may be interested):

The older TX1 dev carrier boards may have lacked some of what the newer dev carrier boards have, but also would not be harmful (perhaps there would be a missing option of some sort…I don’t know the details). Electrically the TX1 and TX2 can use the same boards. Each would need a different device tree and board support package to be flashed if they use a non-dev board. A TX2 flashed to run on a dev board will work on a TX1 dev board…a TX1 flashed to run on a dev board will work on a TX2 dev board. These days if you order a dev kit for a TX1 and TX2 you will get the same dev board with the module type you picked.

The power supply for a TX2 dev kit is about 19V. Do you know if the output of your power adapter is working at 19V?

We have mounted our TX2 on our TX1 dev carrier board and it works perfect as it should. This means that our dev carrier board from the TX2 is broken. We have used the Jetson TX1 at 12V on a battery, according to the specs it should run on 5.5V-19.6V so that should not be a problem. Our conclusion is that the dev board is broken and I would like to know whether I need to sent the dev board to NVIDIA for the warranty. Please provide me with a telephone number so we can make arrangements.

You would use the RMA information from the URL above (look for “RMA” near the top of this). NOTE: If you purchased from various dealers, then those dealers may do the RMA.