Jetson TX2 doesn't turn on while on flashing

I was setting Jetson TX2 for first use.
I follow the indication from SDKManager.
and I finished flashing TX2 and made an account in TX2.
It seems going well, the wallpaper is printed on the screen, I went to the toilet, wash my face then I came back, the monitor turns black and my TX2 board seems strange.
Only the CR5 led turns on red, I felt something strange so I turn off the TX2 by pushing the power button.
Since then, I can’t turn on the TX2. When I pushing the power button, the CR5 led turns on red while I pushed the button, and I release, CR5 led also turns off.
Is it broken? :(

I would recommend using serial console to investigate what’s wrong.


Thank you for advice!, I will try it.

I suspect that if CR5 shuts off after turning the unit on, then there is a hardware failure. If you are not using the dev kit power supply, then perhaps that is an issue, but the real test would be whether or not you can keep CR5 going when in recovery mode.

Note that recovery mode does not actually change your Jetson unless you run flash software, and so it is safe to test. Hold down the recovery button while you turn on power, and then let go (recovery button is like a shift key on a keyboard). If this succeeds without powering off, then it is a software problem, and serial console will indeed be the way to proceed. If recovery mode cannot be reached and maintained, then I suspect it is a hardware failure (and it could easily be a carrier board failure with the actual TX2 module being 100% working).