Jetson TX2 Driver for DS90UH954 / DS90UH953

hi there,

we are trying to implement a driver for the TI DS90UH954 deserialiser and the TI DS90UH953 serializer along with the support of the onboard camera OVT10640 that comes with the serializer. we are facing multiple issues since we are new to the Jetson and especially in drivers development in this platform and we have a lot of questions. it will be great if someone can help us answer some of them;

  • is a documentation on drivers development existing and where to find it?
  • does the Jetson need to be connected on the 954 I2C channel in order to detect it or we can initiate the 954 through TI software and only capture the CSI-2 data on the Jetson Side?
  • is there someone who successfully implemented the driver or do you have any implementation for that particular driver?
  • is it necessary to compile the whole Jetson Kernel to make it work or we only need to compile the driver?
  • anyone has a follow step by step or a kind of how to for that procedure?

thank you and best regards,

Please find the sensor programing guide in the l4t document from download center.