Jetson TX2 dual-boot support


I have a Jetson TX2 with the development kit. I wonder if TX2 supports dual-booting, meaning that I can select either the internal eMMC or external uSD to boot. It seems I can flash OS and specify which media I would use for root file system. I am asking if I have two separated root file systems on each the eMMC and uSD, would it be possible for me to select which media I use to boot up the system each time (e.g., via hardware switch or something)? Does the bootloader support this feature? Is there any hardware/software signal to do so?


Currently, there is no such feature, but as we already shared the source of cboot and uboot, maybe you can try to implement it by yourself first.

Thanks WayneWWW for the reply.

I am quite new to this area so I will see if I can do something for it.