Jetson TX2 ethernet latency super high

I am connected to the Jetson TX2 via a local network. However, the ping is between 200-500ms. The latency is so bad that when I ssh inside using putty, there is a lag after every command I input.
I already activated ./jetson_clocks and nvpmodel -m 0. Killed wifi and bluetooth.
Turned off wifi power save (which shouldn’t be a factor since wifi is off).

This is my first Jetson so I can’t gauge the performance, but surely something is wrong if my online VPS is responding faster than my locally connected Jetson TX2.

Nvm I solved the problem.

Previously the set up was [Jetson] – [ Switch ] – [Router] -[Computer]

I changed it to [Jetson] – [Router] -[Computer], and also changed the 2 m long wire connecting the Jetson to a short flat cat 6 cable. Ping became <1ms.