Jetson Tx2 flashing Jetpack 3.3

just for verification

I have PC host Ubuntu 16.04 connected to wifi and Jetson TX2 connected to host via ethernet

is this network layout right? will it successfully flash and install cuda and cudnn?
do I need to do any extra steps?

thanks all in advance.

For 3.3 this will work. It doesn’t matter how the host connects to internet, the key is that the host to Jetson be wired ethernet. FYI, in later releases sometimes a “virtual” wired ethernet is used over USB, but in 3.3 the regular ethernet port should be used.

Flash never uses ethernet, it only uses the micro-B USB with the Jetson in recovery mode. Once flash completes the Jetson reboots and the extra packages are added via ethernet.

You can pick to only add packages at a later date if you uncheck flash.

Thank you for your response, its clear to me now

update: I have installed the jetpack3.3 flashed the jetson installed pkgs and all good.