jetson TX2 Flashing JetPack3.3 error

I’m trying to flash my Jetson tx2 with Jetpack 3.3. Im getting the following error when attempting to flash the device:


The RSA file is not proviced for for PKC protected target board.

The board is in recovery mode, and connected to the host via the micro usb cable provided in the dev kit.
The lsusb command on the host shows the Nvidia device.

I then attempted to flash the device with the command line but get the following error:
Error: Return value 8
Reading board information failed.



One question, are you using a container or VM? I have seen several errors when using Docker or VM, usually with native Ubuntu 16.04/18.04 flash process works ok.


Thank you for reply.
I am using VM,but when i flashing jetpack for TX1 flash process works ok.



Just out by curiosity do you have the chance to test on native Ubuntu instead of a VM? Or is it possible? I have seen all the signs that points that everything should work when flashing and using VMs, lsusb detects TX2, process starts to flash and then fails.

There are several threads at devtalk with people having issues at VMs, at some cases it is fixed and possible, others…well just use native Ubuntu. For example:

Have you seen if log files are generated? For example: flash_os_tx2.log