Jetson TX2 freezes after boot, issues after trying to install librealsense for the intel RealSense cameras.

Hello, I have been working with Intel’s RealSense 435 camera, and I’ve been trying to get it running on the TX2.
It’s been a hassle getting librealsense to work on the board. I followed the tutorial from Jethacks and installed. After the installation, firstly my browser shut down and refused to open. When I restarted the board, it would boot up to the point it asks for my password and login. Once logged in, it would only display my desktop icons, which would flash and be not clickable. No other part of the HUD was shown. Opening the terminal via keyboard commands or any other way was also futile. Booting through recovery mode was unsuccessful. No programs could be opened and I can’t take any actions.

Did I break it?

Please check with the user
He can launch up to 848x480.

We don’t have the camera but try to figure out what’s going wrong in high resolution.