Jetson TX2 GPIO Pinout


I bought the Jetson TX2 Development Board a while ago and right now I’m trying to connect a CAN transceiver to the TX2.
The problem I’m having is that right now: I have found which PINs to use for the CAN transceiver (D19 & D18), but I don’t find a Pinout or Pin description so that I know where to actually connect the pins physically.

Is there any PDF or other documents out there that describe the pinout ?

Thanks already.

Hi muellertimomueller,

Please refer to below topic:

And the detailed setup steps are mentioned at:


Thanks @kayccc for the quick answer! Another question (I’m pretty new to GPIO connections etc.) is how the numbers work.
As of right now, I’m assuming that the pin number of the one where the arrow is placed at is number 1. The one to the left of that would then be 3, 5, etc. It would look like this

–> [1] [2]
[3] [4]
[5] [6]
[7] [8]
[9] [10]
[11] [12]

Is that correct ?