Jetson TX2 gpu specification

Hello world

I’m the user of Tx2.

I have one question.

In the specification of the Tx2, It has gpu 256-cores @ 1300Mhz.

But I wonder it means that each core clock is 1300Mhz or sum of the 256 core clock is 1300Mhz.

Thank you

Hi kyuhwanyeon,

The core means CUDA core, Jetson TX2 are two Pascal Streaming Multiprocessors (SMs) with 128 CUDA cores each, it’s based on Pascal GPU architecture.


Thank you for your comment.

But I still have a question.

My question was about the ‘@1300Mhz’.

Does it mean that each core clock is 1300Mhz?

Cores all operate at the same frequency. It isn’t a sum, it is parallel.