Jetson TX2 Gstreamer Omxh264dec Rewind Problem


I write a program for video streaming and I use omxh264dec element, while I can fast forward with this element I am unable to rewind, when I change omxh264dec with avdec_h264 the problem is gone. However it costs me in cpu usage.

What is the reason of the problem and how can I solve it?

We don’t verify rewinding in omxh264dec and it is possible not a working function. If you require the function, please share more detail about your usecase so that we can review and evaluate the request. We are deprecating omx plugins, so once it is approved, the function will be in nvv4l2decoder on r32 releases. Please note this.

Thank you for your answer;

What is the expected time for release r32?


We now have r32.1, r32.2 releases. If you would like to make a feature request, please share more information about your company, usecase(drones, robotics, …).

I am a student at Itu University, I need this hardware decoding element, and using cpu decoding costs me highly.

And I think that it is also valuable for this nvv4l2 elements to be able to rewind.

Please add this feature to your element.

Thank you;


Please share the test program so that we can compare nvv4l2decoder and avdec_h264 as you do.

It has the same structure as here.

For testing you can change the pipeline, use different decoders.

I tried with this example as well, the same thing occurs.

nvvl2decoder cannot rewind, while avdec_h264 can.

The sample uses playbin. Please share how to specify nvv4l2decoder or avdec_h264 in the sample.

It would be great if you can share a full code and steps to reproduce the issue. It can save some time on exploring the tutorial.

Like I said I changed the pipeline, you can change as you wish it…

For example:

filesrc location= filename.mkv ! matroskademux ! h264parse ! nv4l2decoder ! nvvidconv ! nv3dsink