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We want to test HDMI eye diagram. I read DOC from JETSON TX2 SERIES INTERFACE TUNING AND COMPLIANCE TESTING GUIDE. From Page 29 has a notice :

If we want to control HDMI output signal

Tegra Software Tools

Consult your software team or contact your NVIDIA representative for assistance with software tools to access the register space in Tegra.

how can i control TX2 hdmi register. The page 39 mention as below:

The Serial Output Resource (SOR) module can be configured to output HDMI or VESA® DisplayPort™ (DP). Jetson TX2 Series has two instances of the SOR module and two sets of HDMI_DP pins. SOR0 controls the HDMI_DP0 pins and SOR1 controls HDMI_DP1. To select which SOR to access, simply replace the trailing number with the SOR number. For example; SOR_NV_PDISP_SOR_PLL1_0 for the first SOR and SOR_NV_PDISP_SOR_PLL1_1 for the second SOR.

What is Serial Output Resource (SOR) module?
Can you provide example command?

Hi, some open-source tools can be used, such as devmem2 mentioned in tuning guide. All related registers are listed in table 21, 22 and 23, you can use devmem2 to handle that.