[Jetson TX2] How to handle 3 Load Switches for USB2.0 OTG and 2xUSB3.0 at the same time?


I’m looking for a hardware solution for Jetson TX2 for self-manufactured carrier board. I need 1xUSB2.0 OTG (USB0) and 2xUSB3.0 (USB1, USB2) as separated and fully functional ports.

According to design guide for a devboard which has single USB3.0 and USB2.0 OTG, there are two separated load switch circuits that connected to pins A18 and A17 respectively. Pin A19 [USB2_EN_OC] on Concept Schematics (page 6) with netlabel USB_VBUS_EN2 is connected to a testpad. On the other hand, Jetson TX2 Module Datasheet says that pin A19 is not used at all (page 46).

I have a plan to connect 2 cameras via USB3.0 to my board, so I need to handle 2 USB3.0 ports in a proper way. How should I design second port (USB2 according to port naming) with a proper VBUS Enable?

Hi, you can use a GPIO to enable third VBUS.

So then I’ll eternally have to scan chosen GPIO pin for dececting plugged in USB device? It will probably cause some not pleasant issues with software later =/

Not for detection which can be done by USB port, just for enabling power supply of VBUS.

Thank you a lot for an answers!