Jetson TX2 interacts with Arduino Uno wirelessly

I’m a undergrad EE major. This is my first TX2 project.
I’m doing a hand gesture image recognition project remotely controlling a RC car.
Desired hand gesture recognized will sent command to the arduino uno mounted on the RC car to make turns and/or to accelerate.

My question is that can it be possible to use the onboard antenna to do the transmitting?

Another question is if I were to use i2c on arduino uno, how does my tx2 to be coded where the arduino uno is programmed in C while my trained CNN model (tensorflow) programmed in python? I’m a bit stuck at the point.

I have watched JetsonHacks youtube videos regarding his gaming controller wirelessly controlling the RC servo and motors.

I appreciate some development direction here.

Hi Andy_eesjsu,

You can check below project to see if can give you some idea: