Jetson TX2 issue with monitor


I have installed the SDK manager for the Jetson TX2 board and performed all the 4 steps, and at the end it was successful as well. But, my target board was connected to a monitor through HDMI to VGA connector and the boot didn’t display on the monitor.

What might be the issue? Could anyone please help me in this?

The VGA adapter essentially cuts the automatic configuration wires. Originally, monitors were not “plug-n-play”. Meaning that they all came with a “driver disk”, although it was really a set of monitor specifications and not a driver.

When plug-n-play monitors came along it required adding some wires which the graphics card could use to query the monitor from. That query sent the equivalent of the “driver disk” over the DDC wire. That wire uses the i2c protocol for transport, and the data itself is “EDID” (well, now it is EDID2) data. Your adapter cuts those wires, so the GPU is unable to find monitor specs.

You could:

  • Get an HDMI monitor.
  • Get an active VGA adapter, in which it has the i2c circuitry and it can be programmed with the monitor’s specs.
  • Sometimes there is a way to set a particular custom “default” display setting. There might be some learning curve involved, and I have not done this, but I know the requirements changed over time so it might not require rebuilding a kernel now…not sure. Someone else would need to comment on that.

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